Big News, Everyone!

Dear clients, friends, and blog readers,

My wonderful man/love of my life/awesome tattooer, Josh Wright, has landed a job in Seattle!

Therefore, I will be moving there to be with him this coming June.

If anyone has work in progress, please give me a call at the shop ASAP so I can put you into my already crazy schedule!

If anyone would like to have me at their shop for some guest time, please let me know as I will most likely have some free time this summer!!!! (Or…if anyone in the Seattle area would like to have me, let me know too!!!)

Thanks to all of my super awesome and loyal clients for helping me along my career path, I couldn’t have done any of this without you guys. I’m really going to miss a whole lot of you!!!

I will be back a few times a year to visit family of course, and TeeJay has very generously offered a spot to work when I am here, so if you can’t get your tattoos finished before I leave, don’t worry.

Any questions, comments and well wishes (or otherwise! hahaha) feel free to email me at or stop into White Tiger.





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