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Roses, gypsies, and stuff in space.

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And some random hippie shit and Japanese studies…

New stuff.

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What a drag!

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What a drag!

20 Great Female Tattoo Artists in History Tattooing Over 20 Years

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This is great.

TAM Blog

By Dawn Cooke

In honor of women’s history month I have compiled a list of women in the history of tattooing. This is not a complete history by any means. There are hundreds of women throughout time who have contributed to the art form and trade of tattooing. Unfortunately a lot of them have gone unaccounted for.  I have tried to find some of the lesser-known women to highlight here however some of the well-known artists have also been included. I have included women with at least 20 years under their belts. I was overwhelmed with the response to my idea to write this article.

Some of the women earlier on in history who paved the way for us included several sideshow performers. Betty Broadbent and lady Viola are among the most well known. In the 1930’s Mildred Hull was one of the few women tattoo artists working on the…

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Convention time

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Convention time

I’ll be working at the Austin, TX convention this coming January!
email for appointments.
Possible East Coast travels in the works as well.
Check back here for updates, or follow me on Instagram @sarapurr


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did this in Texas at Classic Tattoo.

Sailor Jerry Anchor.

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Sailor Jerry Anchor.